Traditional Foods Market and Educational Resource

Ramiel Owner Traditional FoodsThe purpose of Traditional Foods Market is to make it easier to access food and whole food supplements that are pure, truly natural, nutrient dense, and pasture raised. We want you to be healthier with real foods that sustain and nourish your family.

My name is Ramiel Nagel and I am the author of the three popular nutrition books, that teach people how to heal their dental problems, gum problems and how to use nutrition to have healthy children. I found many of the foods I wanted to buy at the health food store did not reflect my own personal food values. I know that my family and yours needs food without additives, food that is pure, and food that comes from humanely raised pasture-fed animals. I want you to enjoy what you buy here, and I want what you buy here to make you healthier and to sustain you and your family.

Values and Standards of Traditional Foods Market

  • Quality – We will only sell products we personally take or would give to our children. If we won't eat it, we won't sell it, no matter how profitable it could be.
  • Honesty – Every product description will be as honest and as complete as possible. There will never be any known hidden ingredients or hidden additives. This is possible because a majority of products are going to be purchased directly from the source.
  • Consumer Direct Pricing – Whenever you see the Traditional Foods Market logo on the product, you will have direct to consumer pricing options available, which means you can start saving 15 percent on each order. By cutting out the middleman you will get high quality ingredients for a lower price.
  • Free Shipping – All U.S. orders receive free shipping with no minimum order size—order as much or as little as you would like.
  • Ninety Day Satisfaction Guarantee – If you don’t like anything you buy here for any reason, you have ninety days to return it.

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