About Traditional Foods Market

Ramiel Nagel, Owner

Traditional Foods Market was born out of my personal frustration with local health food stores carrying products that are marketed as healthy, but are in reality not very healthy at all.

My name is Ramiel Nagel and I am the author of the popular real food books, Cure Tooth Decay and Healing Our Children. I found many of the foods I wanted to buy at the health food store did not reflect my own personal food values. I know that my family and yours needs food without additives, food that is pure, and food that comes from humanely raised pasture-fed animals. 

I know from my own children, and from hearing from many other families and adults suffering from nutrient deficiencies, that food quality matters a great deal. Even one meal can make a difference in relation to health. At Traditional Foods Market, we aim to merge the value and wisdom of traditional cultures, with foods that you can buy and enjoy.

I found myself going through the aisles of local "health food" stores and looking at the product ingredients and wishing for something better. Most of the products I found were unsatisfying to my requirements—using clean and traditionally-used organic oils, no additives, and no sugar. You think it wouldn't be that complicated, but it is. In the supplement aisles, I found myself playing supplement gambling: buying a supplement, hoping it worked, and then inevitably buying something else because the one I bought didn't do what I wanted it to do.

A majority of food companies are in the business of food. They want to make money from selling food. It is not easy to manufacture food or supplements. Quality food ingredients are expensive and the upfront costs are high. These are some of the incentives for food companies to cut corners, or to go the easy route. Generally small artisan producers make excellent foods, with care and quality ingredients because they go through the trouble of making food because what they make they are passionate about. These artisan products only make up a small amount of what is available at a typical health food store. 

Here at Traditional Foods Market and online educational center, I invite you to put your toxic food radar down. Unlike other food stores which buy other people's premade products, here we are looking to buy ingredients directly from the source to make sure that the foods we purchase meet our unique and strict guidelines. We offer food that’s in a form as nature intended it to be, and as often as possible, in a form that was either used traditionally or a form that preserves the vital nutrients of the food. The problem with brick and mortar grocery stores is that when you buy a product at the health food store, there usually are at least three parties involved in the transaction. The food manufacturer, the food distributor, and the food store. Since each of those parties needs to make money to pay their employees, to continue to be in business, and to make a profit, the end result is the customer pays a lot more than the food actually costs. At Traditional Foods Market, for each of our own unique product creations in which the middlemen have been eliminated, we offer you direct to consumer pricing, which is 15 percent off of our competitive retail pricing.

Each product on this website is one that I either use myself, or would give to my children without hesitation. If I don't think it is safe or pure, I am not going to sell it no matter how profitable it might be. So rather than guessing what supplements might work for you, or having to wander the grocery aisles hoping for something that really meets your needs, everything available in this store is personally vetted, tested, and double-tested. Double-tested means that I give products to my friends, health care practitioners, and neighbors to get their feedback to see if they like it and if it gives them the results they are hoping for.

I want you to enjoy what you buy here, and I want what you buy here to make you healthier and to sustain you and your family.

Ramiel Nagel
Owner, Traditional Foods Market

P.S. I know people really want to talk with me or get advice on a certain health problem. At this time I do not give advice or supplement recommendations and I am not available to talk to anyone because I have a family and too many other responsibilities. Many many people try to contact me daily and I just don't have the time. Thank you for understanding.