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Wild Siberian Cedar Natural Chewing Gum Regular Flavor - 8 Pieces
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Wild Siberian Cedar Chewing Gum is a 100 percent natural wild-harvested cedar resin chewing gum made by gently filtering wild-crafted cedar resin. There are absolutely no preservatives, pesticides, artificial ingredients, or chemicals added. Children will be happy because they can finally have chewing gum that is not toxic and completely natural, and parents can be happy that this natural chewing gum cleans the mouth naturally, without any added ingredients like sweeteners, preservatives, or chemicals. The traditional inhabitants of Siberia believe that cedar resin has great healing power. Tree resins have been historically used by indigenous cultures to clean and freshen the mouth, promote good dental hygiene, and tighten the gums. Unlike “normal” chewing gum, the cedar resin retains its flavor and medicinal benefits for a long time—simply warm it up in your mouth for about ten seconds and then chew it just like “normal” chewing gum.

Taste and Flavors

Wild-crafted tree resin is not naturally sweet. The healing properties and refreshing properties of the resin give it a clean, pine-like flavor with natural bitterness. The taste is satisfying and once you try it you won’t want to stop chewing it. One piece of cedar resin natural chewing gum provides at least twenty minutes of chewing time, as the natural healing flavor of the resin does not degrade.

Regular – Just natural tree sap chewing gum. Nothing added at all. No chemicals are used in the processing. It’s just the sap.

Sea Buckthorn – Each piece of chewing resin has a light dusting of powdered wild-crafted sea buckthorn berry. When you warm up the chewing gum in your mouth, you get a mild tart berry flavor plus the medicinal action of the berry.

Bilberry – A light dusting of powdered wild-crafted bilberry. When you warm it up in your mouth, you get a mild sweet berry flavor plus the medicinal action of the berry.

Precaution: Natural chewing gum is made of tree resin; therefore, it is moderately sticky. We do not recommend you use this if you have loose teeth or sensitive dental work like retainers, bridges, crowns, or anything else that might be delicate or easily bent in your mouth. Chewing resin (or any chewing gum) is not recommended for people with mercury fillings, as the chewing action increases the outgassing of the mercury fillngs.

Shipping: Cedar gum qualifies for free U.S.shipping on every order.

Satisfaction: You have ninety days to return the cedar resin if you are not satisfied and receive a full refund.

How to Use Natural Chewing Gum

You warm it up in your mouth for about twenty seconds and then chew like normal chewing gum. It may at first crumble, but if you keep chewing it will come together. But unlike normal chewing gum, the cedar resin retains its flavor and medicinal benefits for a long time—chew until you have had enough. This cedar gum is best used after meals or in between meals and it is not recommended to chew right before you eat. You can even reuse the same piece of chewing gum if you like.

Special note: Do not chew when you are hungry and do not use immediately before eating. It is safe to use this gum as often as you would like, and it is not harmful if accidently swallowed.

The Natural Gum Difference

Cedar Resin

Other chewing gums on the market are made either partially or entirely out of butadiene-based petroleum-derived synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber is cheaper to manufacture than natural rubber and there is more control on the sugar and flavor delivery system. Your standard chewing gum is actually considered a polymer, or a type of plastic.

Before plastic was used in your chewing gum one commonly used ingredient for chewing gum was Chicle. Chicle is a type of latex or natural rubber from the chicle and similar trees native toMexicoandCentral America. Other chewing gums claiming to be natural generally contain a mixture of chicle and plastic for the gum base. One company that uses a true chicle base still has a gum that is approximately 35 percent chicle, and 65 percent sugar, including high intensity sweeteners—sweeteners that are so sweet, they can likely cause blood sugar imbalances and mineral loss, and over consistent use, can cause derangement of the bodies mineral transport mechanism.

Because all of the chewing gums I had found on the market were either full of sugar or made of plastic, and usually both, myself and my family gave up chewing gum long ago. At Traditional Foods Market you no longer need to worry about sweeteners, additives, preservatives, chemicals, or other unknown substances in your chewing gum. We now have three types of natural resin chewing gum: cedar resin, larch, and mastiha.

This Siberian cedar resin is imported from Russia and filtered using a low heat method where the temperature never goes above 105 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no sugar added at all!

Cedar Tree in Sunlight

The Hidden Power of Resin

Many examples have been cited of the special relationship of various traditional cultures to this wondrous substance. Did these ancient cultures know something about the tree resin that we are just beginning to understand? Frankincense and myrrh are both resins and were highly prized in ancientEgypt.

Resin is made up of plant matter, vitamins, minerals, and terpene. Terpenes are major biosynthetic building blocks within nearly every living creature. 

Tree resin is antibiotic and antiseptic. It acts intelligently and selectively, as it recognizes useful microflora to support and restore. But it destroys and recycles pathogenic microflora, which suppresses the development of beneficial microorganisms.

Resin can penetrate cell membranes and even destroy and remove from a cell not only viruses, but also poisons and toxins of varying origin—including those from intensive chemotherapy—and foreign bodies, for example, radionuclides and heavy metal salts.

When wood resin comes into contact with the human genetic system, it eliminates the destructive programs that have taken root in the genome and restores the lost natural programs. This property to some extent is possessed by all biopolymers, but the most universal in their action on the human organism are the resins of the Siberian cedar and larch.Cedar Tree Grove

About the Cedar Trees

Huge groves of cedar trees grow in the Siberian taiga, said to be one of the ecologically purest areas of the world. The Siberian taiga is a biome characterized by coniferous forests consisting mostly of pines, spruces, and larches. The virgin forest of the Siberian taiga has never been treated with any chemicals or artificial fertilization, nor abused by agricultural machines. The resin is wild crafted and collected in a manner so as to support the health of the trees.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Overview: Wild Siberian Cedar Chewing Gum is a 100 percent natural wild-harvested cedar resin chewing gum made by gently filtering wild-crafted cedar resin. There are absolutely no preservatives, pesticides, artificial ingredients, or chemicals added. See the overview link box for the full description.

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Traditional use of chewing gum for dental health is great!
Natural Alternative June 7, 2014 Have you ever wondered what the reason was for people to use chewing gum? read the details of the products on this site, and they will open a whole new world for you. They have for me.
Mouthwashes only last a short time. Chewing this chewing gum for 20 minutes to tighten us the gums, is a great idea that has been lost in the world of commercialism.
I have deep pockets in my gums, and am going to buy this gum! Not only that, I'm going to tell my friends about this gum! No, nobody asked me to write this review. I am just so deeply impressed, that I thought I'd write about it.

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