Free-Range Pasture-Fed Organic Colostrum, 4oz

Free-Range Pasture-Fed Organic Colostrum, 4oz

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The only certified organic colostrum in the United States for sale. It is really good quality. We are certified organic by Oregon Tilth!

For thousands of years, the traditional people in India have known the sacred power of foods from the holy cow, especially the power of colostrum for its qualities of energizing and giving well being. In the modern world health practitioners, athletes and the like have used colostrum as a supplmeent to help with rejuvination and restoration of the body. There are now over two thousand scientific studies about the wondrous health benefits and the safety of colostrum as a supplement. Bovine, or cow colostrum is non-species specific, this means that other mammals, including humans, can receive all of the life affirming and energy ehnancing benefits of colostrum from cows. Of significant interest is the fact that bovine growth factors found in colostrum are almost identical to that of human in both structure and function. Cow colostrum also provides life giving nutritious Immunoglobulin G known as IgG.

Growth Factors in Colostrum:

  • Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) – Nutritional support for healthy tissue repair and healing.
  • Insulin Growth Factor 1 & 2 (IGF1 & IGF2) – Promotes muscle and bone cell proliferation and development.
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF ) – Supports muscle and bone cell proliferation and development.
  • Platelet Derived Growth Factor (PDGF) – Nutrition for developing a wide variety of cell types.
  • Transforming Growth Factor (TGF) - Nutritional support for healthy tissue repair and healing.
  • Telomerase – supports good health as you age by strengthening telomeres

What Is True Colostrum?

The cow is first milked two to four hours after giving birth. The second milking occurs beteween six to twelve hours after birth. Only these two milkings can really be considered colostrum. After the first twelve hours, the milk lacks many of its special nutritional growth factors and immune enhances and is considered transitional milk for up to five days from birth. Cheap colostrum sold to the public is likely this transitional milk. This transitional milk isn’t bad; it just has signficiantly fewer nutritional benifits of real colostrum. Traditional Foods Market colostrum is only from the first and second milking and does not contain transitional milk. The colostrum is immediately deep frozen after collecting so as to preserve all the growth factors and naturally occuring immunoglobins.

European cows grazing

The Traditional Foods Market Organic Colostrum Difference

There are three factors that make for great colostrum:

  1. The animal care and feeding practices that make nutritious milk.
  2. How long after birth the colostrum comes from.
  3. How the colostrum is processed.

I have been looking for years for a grass-fed and organic colostrum that could be sold in the U.S. market that retained its growth factors and met the three requirements of excellent colostrum. I am very happy to be sharing this amazing product with you.

I would also like to give thanks and my sincere gratitude to the animals who have provided us with this deeply nourishing first milk, to the farmers who have cared for these animals, and to all the people involved in making this colostrum available on the market. – Ramiel Nagel, Owner of Traditional Foods Market

Not all colostrums are the same. Traditional Foods Organic Colostrum comes exclusively from certified organic farms with generally smaller herds of up to fifty cows from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria! The E.U. organic standard means that the cows must be grassfed as much as possible, and this means that the colostrum you buy here, is the highest quality of colostrum available on the supplement market. Other U.S. companies source their colostrum from conventional farming and hide the fact by saying it is tested free of antibiotics and hormones (after the routine pasteurization and filtration). Other colostrum brands do not reference the inferior feed likely containing GMOs that the cows are probably eating. This other colostrum is a far cry from our certified organic colostrum in which you are guaranteed that the cows are raised as nature intended, primarily on grass. In the product images you can see a sample colostrum certificate of analysis, which shows that you are getting certified organic colostrum with a guaranteed amount of growth factors, which means that our colostrum will be biologically active. This growth factor test is done after the colostrum has been completely processed and not before to ensure there are growth factors.

Preserving the Growth Factors and Peptides in Colostrum

Heat destroys many of the sensitive and bioactive components in colostrum. It is a real tragedy that in 2003 a change to the pasteurized milk ordinance required the pasteurization of all colostrum introduced into interstate commerce. As a result, colostrum that previously was minimally processed or unpasteurized to retain its bioactive components now had to be processed with heat, which could destroy up to 90 percent of the bioactive components of colostrum. This led to the reduction and elimination of unpasteurized colostrums in the U.S. market. Thankfully, our German supplier has found a way to meet the FDA and European entry requirements through a careful, cold filtration process using multiple stages of ceramic filters rather than heat to remove bacteria. This cold processing allows us to legally meets the FDA’s requirements, while at the same time maintaining all of colostrum’s bioactive components.

Direct to Consumer Pricing Model

Really good colostrum is really, really expensive because only a small amount is obtained from each birth. In order to make our colostrum a more reasonable price, we are giving you a massive price cut. If we copied other companies’ pricing models, we would be selling each four ounce bottle of colostrum for around $224-$500 per bottle. We offer a much better value at $128 per bottle.

The Deep Nourishment of Colostrum

Colostrum can deeply nourish our being on many levels. Cow colostrum is almost identical to human colostrum in terms of its beneficial components. Colostrum is a complete food with all the essential nutrients for the neonate (new born mammal) during its first few days of life. Colostrum also provides essential immunological support for healthy immune systems from IgG. Our colostrum contains at least 35% IgG. Traditional Foods Market, is proud to offer you authentic first and second milking colostrum from grass-fed organically certified cows. Our certified organic colostrum has been laboratory tested after processing and has been scientifically studied and proven to retain after drying and filtering the important colostrum factors that enhance new life and growth. Many of the nutritional resources from colostrum include: immunoglobulins, micronutrients, vitamins, and growth factors.

Burn Excess Fat and Develop Lean Muscle Mass

Colostrum is an excellent substance to help athletes recover faster and give moms enough energy to fulfill their responsibilities. Research shows that colostrum, in conjunction with diet excersize can increase strength as well as endurance, build lean muscle mass (the type of muscles that young people have), burn excess body fat, boost immune function, shorten recovery time. Colostrum contains the growth factors that help build lean muscle, including insulin-like growth factors (IGF-I & IGF-II).

(IGF-I in colostrum is the only nutrient hormone capable of promoting muscle growth by itself.*)

According to a study conducted in Finland, colostrum IGF-1 induces protein synthesis, which leads to an increase in lean muscle mass without a corresponding rise in adipose (fat) tissue. The growth factors in colostrum “shift fuel utilization from carbohydrate to fat.” This means your body will burn more fat, including fat made from the carbohydrate and protein that are consumed, producing fuel more efficiently.*

Organic Colostrum Directions

Suggested Use : Adults and Children 12 years of age and older: ½ tsp twice daily on an empty stomach with fluids. Advanced use: Double adult dose. Children 6 to 12 years of age: Half adult dose. Children under 6 years of age: Consult a health care professional.

Advanced Use : Athletes, and people who need more, and people who want to promote the rejuventation process. Studies show that between 20-60g (2-6 tablespoons) a day of colostrum can provide noticeable affects on the body.* A discount is offered to those who need larger quantities.

Our organic colostrum is cold processed and freeze dried in a careful way so as to keep the important growth factors and micronutrients intact, while still adhering to stringent regulations. To filter the colostrum without heat, the milk protein (casein) and milk fat is removed, producing colostrum whey. Many people find that colostrum in this form is easier to assimilate than whole fat colostrum. You may of course add fat to your colostrum as you require by taking it with some organic coconut oil, grass-fed milk, grass-fed cream, or grass-fed butter.

How to Take Our Organic Colostrum

Our colostrum is best taken before or in-between meals. It has a somewhat pleasant sour / grassy taste.

  • The best way to take it is to let it slowly dissolve in the mouth and then chew and swallow
  • The dried powder gets sticky when it is in your mouth, don't just swallow the entire chunk.

Details About Our Colostrum - Lactose, IgG, Casein

  • Traditional Food's colostrum contains 30% lactose. If you have a problem digesting lactose you might consider a lactase enzyme.
  • Our colostrum is de-caseinated, and so it does not contain casein.
  • Our colostrum is carefully freeze dried, so that no additives like magensium stearate need to be added.
  • Our colostrum contains at least 35% IgG. IgG stands for Immunoglobins G which represents how much immune factors are in our colostrum.

Cows with Bells

Body Repairing Ability of Colostrum

Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) in colostrum nutritionally stimulates the healthy production of other growth factors, including IGF-1. The other growth factors provide nutritional support for in colostrum healthy development of blood vessels and a regulator of cellular migration.

Colostrum is known for Supporting the Immune System

Colostrum provides nutritional support for immune system in healthy indivivudals and provides nutritional support for the immune system in healthy individals. The growth factors in colostrum help provide nutritional support for recovery and repair after excersize.*

Colostrum for Healing and Sealing the Gut

Peptide growth factors are constantly present in the gastrointestinal tract, being secreted by glands; for example, Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) from the salivary glands, or ingested in foodstuffs such as milk and colostrum. (rewrite sentence) Colostrum supports the healthy maintenenc of the gastrointestinal tract by supporting the health growth and maintenance of intestinal mucosal lining. IGF 1, TGF, and EGF that are present in human and bovine colostrum are supports healthy digestion by providing nutritional support for the healthy maintence of the GI tract.*



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Structure Function Disclaimer

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


These products are intended to provide whole food nutrition to the body which may result in the benifit of tissue building, repair and enhancement of the normal structure and function of the body.



“I have been looking for years for a grass-fed and organic colostrum that could be sold in the U.S. market that retained its growth factors and met the three requirements of excellent colostrum. I am very happy to be sharing this amazing product with you. I would also like to give thanks and my sincere gratitude to the animals who have provided us with this deeply nourishing first milk, to the farmers who have cared for these animals, and to all the people involved in making this colostrum available on the market.” – Ramiel Nagel, Owner of Traditional Foods Market

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